How To Wear Bright Makeup

At this point, you’ve possibly, adjusted to bright eye shadow as doable. Now prepare for the next step: taking your entire face rogue. Or should I say – rouge? It’s not as scary as you think – bright makeup can make you appear more alert and youthful.

Follow these tips to avoid looking like Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show.”

Start slow. Ease into the color-fest by just applying a hint of bold makeup at the corners of the eyes or tips of the lashes.

Stick with a palette. Think color wheel and stick to one area of it. If you wear magenta lipstick, opt for eye shadows and blush that compliment this, not clash. (And yes, you can use pink eye shadow without looking like you have pink eye.)

You can go bright without going day-glo. Think watercolor instead of oil paint.

Begin with a good base or primer so that the colors last and stay true.

Blend. Use big brushes for your blush and sponges for your eye shadow. This will soften the edges so the color maintains its femininity.

Think of color as having a volume control. If you use a light hand, you’ll never be too loud, and the neighbors won’t complain.

Also, think of the outfit you have in mind – bright, bold colors and a predominantly neutral outfit actually go well together. But if you do need to have your dose of color in your clothes as well, try to make sure your makeup and the clothes you pick do not clash.

Whether or not this becomes your everyday look, it can be fun to spice up your makeup routine every now and then. Bottom line – have fun. Think of your face as a landscape that can be beautiful in its natural state but also dazzles when adorned with bouquets of floral animation. Your face is your most observed accessory, so why not make it shine? Other than a steady hand, you just need attitude and confidence to pull off this bold look.

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