Do these 4 things Daily to Keep the Bedroom Clean

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Do these 4 things Daily to Keep the Bedroom Clean

Let’s face it, keeping your bedroom clean can feel like an uphill battle against laundry avalanches and clutter earthquakes. But fear not; with just a few simple daily routines, you can transform your sleeping sanctuary from a chaotic cave to a haven of calm and order. No more wrestling with mountains of clothes or tripping over discarded books – the 5-Minute Magic is here to save the day (and your sanity).

As I lock up the house for the evening and begin walking towards the bedroom, I reflect on the long day I had and how I cannot wait to snuggle under the covers in my bed, turn on the TV, and relax. The closer I get to my bedroom door, the happier I get. The only thing that could ruin this yearning desire to relax in bed is to walk into a filthy, dirty room.

There have been many times in my life when I have come home to a messy bedroom. After a hard day at work or even after a fun night out with friends, the last thing I want to do is look at piles of clean laundry sitting on the bed waiting to be folded or stacks of paperwork piled high on the nightstand next to this morning’s empty coffee cup and leftover breakfast plate. Whether we want to believe it or not, a messy environment can put us in a negative, unhealthy state of mind.

Over the years, I have learned quite a few cleaning tips that have saved me time and saved my sanity! One of these cleaning tips is that if I spend a few minutes each day doing four small tasks, I can come home to a clean bedroom forever!

Consolidate trash and dirty laundry

Clean up food wrappers, trash, and empty cups and glasses from your dressers and nightstands each night before you go to bed. Put dirty clothes in the laundry.

laundry basket near the bedroom

Because my home is a two-story home, at the end of the night, I hang a small plastic “universal” trash bag in the main hallway near the bedrooms and place an empty laundry basket next to it. This makes it easier for my kids and my husband to get rid of their dirty clothes and their trash. All in one convenient place. For them AND me.

Make the bed

Hands down, if you make your bed, your room will look 50% more clean than if the bed wasn’t made. The “bed-making” process itself doesn’t have to be perfect, but the bed sheets and blankets should be neatly organized on the bed each day. No excuses!

Light dusting

Wipe down dressers, nightstands, baseboards, lamps, mirrors and counters. The easiest way is to grab a dry microfiber cloth for the furniture and a dry microfiber mop or cloth for the baseboards. Dusting doesn’t have to be an “all day” project, either. If you start doing this daily, it will soon take just a minute or two.

To vacuum – or not?

Vacuuming floors is an easy way to keep your home looking clean and healthy. But carpet manufacturers warn against daily vacuuming. Generally, whole room vacuuming once or twice a week is sufficient. So, each day, make a judgment call if you spilled baby powder on the floor this morning, vacuum that area. If not, ask yourself again tomorrow.

Big cleaning tip: When you vacuum, use a HEPA filter vacuum, which picks up and keeps the dust instead of releasing it back into the air.

Always remember to put everything back in its place, especially clothes and shoes. To freshen up the air in your bedroom, place small cotton balls dipped in lavender essential oil in the corners of your bedroom. For allergy sufferers, investing in an air purifier can help reduce the amount of dust particles in the air.

For those who prefer a more concentrated cleaning approach, dedicate 15-20 minutes on weekends to tackle deeper tasks. Clean mirrors, wash bedding, wipe down windows, and give furniture a quick polish. This weekend blitz keeps your haven sparkling without sacrificing weekday relaxation.

Learn the art of seasonal de-cluttering. Give away unused or unwanted items to those in need. Organize the items in your dresser drawers so they are easier to see. Make some room in your closets so you can go out and reward yourself with clothes you always wanted. Keep a small “pamper me” basket on your nightstand. Fill it with your favorite book, some hand cream, and maybe even some nail polish.

Remember, consistency is key to keeping a tidy bedroom! By incorporating these simple daily routines into your life, you’ll find that keeping your bedroom clean becomes effortless, leaving you with more time to relax, recharge, and enjoy your sanctuary of serenity. So go forth, brave bedroom warriors, and conquer the clutter with the power of the 5-Minute Magic!

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