The Best Ways to Store Scrapbook Stickers

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Best Ways to Store Scrapbook Stickers

Scrapbooking is an art in itself. Those colorful, sparkly, and oh-so-tempting little bits of joy that promise to elevate any page to a masterpiece. But let’s face it unless you have a magical system in place; they can also quickly morph into a chaotic avalanche of adhesive trouble. Fear not, fellow crafters! Today, we’re diving into the best ways to store scrapbooking stickers, ensuring your creative arsenal stays organized and accessible.

Scrapbookers use mementos, photographs, drawings, memorable tokens, and other trinkets, including stickers and crafty embellishments, to personalize scrapbooks and capture memories for future generations. Serious scrapbookers enhance their memories using other embellishments: stickers, cutouts, sequins, buttons, and any other decoration or trinket that is fairly flat.

Scrapbooking is a process that takes months, even years, and those added embellishments may not be used right away. Storing craft supplies properly ensures that you can use them in the future to perfect your scrapbook.

Binder Method

Using a binder to store scrapbooking stickers

Purchase a simple three-ring binder and card, photo, or sticker sheets. Card, photo, and sticker sheets are plastic sheets sized for collector cards, photos, or stickers. The only difference is the size of the plastic compartments. Plastic sheets generally come with holes, making it easy to insert them into an album.

Place your stickers and other embellishments in the plastic compartments, preferably one per compartment, and insert the plastic pages into the binder.

Photo or Scrapbooking Album

Photo albums are bound books that contain plastic sheets. Each plastic sheet has separate compartments the size of photographs. Insert stickers, cutouts, or other embellishments into the compartments and store the photo album in a safe, dry location.

Scrapbooking albums generally have pages with sheets of clear plastic overlaying them. To store stickers or embellishments in a scrapbooking album, lift the plastic overlay, place the items on the sheet, and reattach the overlay to hold them in place until you’re ready to use them.

File Folders

Store stickers and other embellishments, such as paper cutouts and decals, in file folders–the sort you’d find in most office file cabinets and office supply stores. Store only a few embellishments per folder to prevent them from sticking together. Label each folder and organize them in your file cabinet.

File folders aren’t as protective as the plastic sheets that hold cards, stickers, and photos but have the advantage that they can be easily organized in a filing cabinet.

Plastic Container

Purchase a plastic container at a local department store. Sandwich-sized plastic containers work well for embellishment storage due to their uniform shape and convenient size.

Place your stickers or other embellishments in the container, separating them with pieces of waxed paper or tissue paper, and attach the lid to the container, sealing it. Place the container in a dry, dark location. Label containers by writing a description on a piece of paper and taping it into the container.

Bonus Tips:

  • Embrace the Clear Advantage:  Transparency is your friend! Ditch the opaque boxes and embrace clear containers, binders, or sleeves. This allows you to visually scan your collection, saving precious time and sanity when inspiration strikes. Bonus points for stackable containers or binders that maximize space without sacrificing easy access.
  • Categorize Your Crafty Critters: Chaos thrives in the land of the uncategorized. Bring order to your sticker kingdom by grouping them by theme, color, size, or occasion. Use dividers in binders, label your containers, or color-code your storage system for instant clarity. This makes finding the perfect sticker a breeze and sparks creative connections you might have missed before.

With these tips and a sprinkle of creativity, you can transform your sticker collection from a chaotic jumble into a well-organized haven of inspiration. So go forth, conquer the sticker monster, and unleash your inner scrapbooking genius!

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